Different types of users in linux

There are different types of users in Linux. Root user  Super user  Normal user  Root user is like the Administrator account in windows. Root user  has the highest privileges. So, if you switch to root , you can do anything inside of the operating system. Because of that it’s need to use that account very…(Continue Reading)

How to install Linux in VMware workstation

There are so many distribution of Linux operating system, like Red Hat Linux, CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, Mint, Kali Linux and so many types. All most all of these distributions are similar, but some different in areas like when installing packages ( packages like softwares in windows) and when working with services. That’s just a…(Continue Reading)

Absolute Path and Relative Path

What is an Absolute Path ?  An absolute path is a fully qualified path. Simply, the path starting from the root “/” and it specifies each an every sub directory  that goes to the destination directory.  eg : /var/log/messages, /home/student/Videos, /etc/passwd Like the above, absolute path starts from the root and displays all the directories…(Continue Reading)

Linux File System Hierarchy

In the linux file system hierarchy, all the files are stored in a single inverted tree, Because the root directory is on the top of the hierarchy and directories and sub directories are below the root. The root directory which is “/” as show in the above image is the starting of the file system.…(Continue Reading)