Linux File System Hierarchy

Linux File System Hierarchy

In the linux file system hierarchy, all the files are stored in a single inverted tree, Because the root directory is on the top of the hierarchy and directories and sub directories are below the root.

The root directory which is “/” as show in the above image is the starting of the file system. More than that “/” is used to seperate the directories like “/etc/passwd  and /etc/group”. Below will describe one by one the directories under root.

/boot : The files which needs to start the boot process
/etc : System configuration files.
/home : All the user’s home directories are here. In simple words, users home folder.
/root : Home directory of the root user
/bin : User commands
/sbin : Administrative commands
/var : Files which changes by time. Persistence between boot. Dynamically change by time. eg – log files, databases
/dev : Special files which system needs to access hardware.
/proc : contains files which gives system information like /proc/cpuinfo
/mnt : list mount points
/run : contains files which are non persistent data means looses data within boots.

So, this article basicaly gives an idea about the linux file system hierarchy with the folder structure.

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