How to setup a WordPress site from Bitnami on AWS in 5 minutes [ Easy way ]

Setup a wordpress site in AWS using BItnami

setting up a wordpress in AWS using Bitnami is not a big topic. It’s very easy. Amazon web services are the best and most reliable cloud computing platform up to now. It provides a huge number of services with so many varieties. It has service related to virtual machines, Databases, Storage services, Network related services, Monitoring , Gaming and so many things. Really AWS is the one of the best places to build up your site or your launch your application and On the other side Bitnami is a Pakcaged application provider, which like wordpress, Joomla, Nginx, Mysql likewise. So in this article we are going to discuss how to setup a wordpress in aws using bitnami.

From one of the previous articles we discussed how to setup the WordPress site from your own effort on AWS. Having a EC2 instance and built up everything by typing all the commands on your own.

Today, we will discuss How can we easily setup our WordPress with the help of Bitnami.

But, what is Bitnami ? Bitnami is providing pre-packaged application images for the servers which could be helped to build up the applications immediately. So, if you are new to AWS can use pre-packed applications provided by Bitnami. From this articles, we are discussing how Bitnami helps us to build our WordPress site.

Follow the steps as below.

1) Log into your aws account. ->

2) Go to EC2 dashboard

3) Launch Instance

4) Go to AWS Marketplace


Search “wordpress” in the search bar and select the first AMI by Bitnami.

AWS Bitnami AMI


Press continue and create the EC2 instance same as the previous article.

Once finished creating the EC2 instance, launch it.

So, Now your WordPress site is built up. Now you don’t need to type every commands and do like last article. You don’t need to install any package. It’s all done by Bitnami for you. Only thing we have to go and see our site now.

We need to get our user credentials for logging to our WordPress admin dashboard.

Go to Actions -> Instance settings -> Get System Log

In the middle of the log file, you could find your user credentials.

AWS Bitnami

Now you have your user credentials.

Now get your Public DNS Address and type it on your browser to see your WordPress site.

To go to your admin panel,

use <Public DNS address>/wp-admin

Then you can use your user and password taken from system log and log into your WordPress admin page.

You can see that this way is very simple.You can build your own WordPress site within less than 5 mins using Bitnami Applications.

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