How to Install and Configure git on windows – ScrewLinux

Today we are going to learn how to install and configure Git on windows and create our first repository. Now we have already learned that Git is a version control system, we can create a repository, we can create new files and commit them to the reposiory and also we can roll back the changes…(Continue Reading)

Git from Scratch – ScrewLinux ( Part 1 )

Let’s learn Git from scratch. Some of you guys think that git is very difficult to learn. But if you can get the git concepts to your brain correctly, it is very easy. Yes, Git has some sort of commands, But the main point is not the commands, the concept. This lesson has some new…(Continue Reading)

How to use grep command in Linux

In one of the previous articles we discussed find command in linux and how to use it. Likewise in this article also we are going to discuss another linux command which is useful to search something in Linux. That is “grep” command. We can search text patterns in the files using grep and on the…(Continue Reading)

On Demand, Reserved, Spot and Dedicated Instances in AWS

As we all know AWS ( Amazon web services ) is the leading cloud platform today. So if you need to launch a new application, you can go with this cloud platform without touching things on your premises. Because using AWS makes the things easier. It reduces time, costs, and increases the durability with high…(Continue Reading)

find command in Linux with Examples.

find command is a very essential command in the linux operating system. We need to use this amazing command to find files within our system hierarchy. In a windows operating system we can use search option very simply in the GUI. Likewise we can use find linux command here to find and grab the files…(Continue Reading)

How to setup a WordPress site from Bitnami on AWS in 5 minutes [ Easy way ]

setting up a wordpress in AWS using Bitnami is not a big topic. It’s very easy. Amazon web services are the best and most reliable cloud computing platform up to now. It provides a huge number of services with so many varieties. It has service related to virtual machines, Databases, Storage services, Network related services,…(Continue Reading)

How to setup a wordpress website on AWS EC2 within few minutes

“Learn, Learn and Learn” Here we are going to discuss how can we setup a wordPress website on AWS EC2 within few minutes. There are several platforms which gives you the option to pay for their services and have a WordPress site. Then you can build whatever you need to do. But today we will…(Continue Reading)

How to install softwares in linux

“Always think in Positive. Even you are in a hell, don’t give up” Guys, we are going to learn about the Package installation in Linux systems from this article. Basically how to install a package ( a package isĀ  simply same as a software in a windows environment) and uninstalling it, what is a repository,…(Continue Reading)